Urban Quarter Renovation

Project Data
Special Mention: International Competition

Municipality of Karlsruhe
Site area
1.8 ha
Innovation centre, park, housing and mixed use

Project overview
S333 worked with Ove Arup and Partners to create an ecological design for the city of Karlsruhe, victim of particular environmental problems.  The city is handsome, having been redesigned in the late Renaissance with its central streets and avenues fanning out from the tower of the baroque palace. But despite having more than 800 hectares of public parks and green spaces, citizens suffer from a high level of air pollution during the long, hot summer months.

Karlsruhe’s decision makers have to choose between adding more buildings, more cars and consequently more pollution, or revitalising the city through a city-wide ecological strategy, that promotes green corridors and the adaptive re-use and upgrade of existing build stock. S333’s proposals focused activities in programmatic bands, re-connecting the territory to the network of surrounding streets. A park, preserved to retain its wildness and local history, remains an empty space in the centre of the plan to function as a new 'city lung'.

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