Stepney Green School

Project Data

London Borough of Tower Hamlets
June 2013

2690 m2 multifunctional educational space
1495 m2 gymnasium
1165 m2 refurbishment of existing library
Site area
1.4 ha
Project value:

Project overview

This project embraces the opportunity offered by the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme to achieve transformational change for Stepney Green School.

The school's existing buildings include an eight storey tower and a number of single storey buildings that are poor in quality. The buildngs are surrounded by playing fields and vacant land which serve to isolate the school from its surroundings.

S333's proposed changes will enable the school to provide a dynamic educational environment, to re-engage with the local community and to create a new welcoming identity for the school.

S333 has developed a demolition and phasing strategy for the restricted site which provides contemporary teaching facilities, reinvigorates the existing buildings and minimises the impact of the eight storey tower from the street. The existing robust organisational structure of the school buildings is reinforced by the proposed school masterplan that also identifies plots for future school expansion.

By locating the two new buildings - a new teaching building and a gymnasium - at key points on the site boundary the scheme activates the surrounding streets. By locating both buildings directly on the street and providing generous glazing from the activity studio and classrooms, the scheme brings activity to the surrounding streets and to Trafalgar Gardens, an adjacent community park.

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