Ascent, Singapore Science Park 1
Bègles Labro
High Road West
'On Campus'
‘Paspoel Anders’, Tongeren
Limuru Heights
Yenikapi City Archive
Chobham Manor
Guangzhou Ascendas Park
Headquarters Building
Gjersrud-Stensrud, Oslo
Ascendas Dalian IT Park
Port de Pantin
Maybury Towers
Harrow Park Art Hotel
Saltwell and Bensham Masterplan
Al Najaf Conference Centre
Gallions Quarter
Taichung Urban Forest
Stepney Green School
Visher House
The Mill Cardiff
Bay of Pasaia
West Cork Arts Centre
Columbia Gardens
Ebb and Flows
New Town Center
Cultural Centre
The EDEM Resort
Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet
Ijburg Block 43A
The Telescope House
Bircham Park MSCP
One-North Fusionpolis Cluster
The Old Dairy, Bloomsbury
Snow Mountain
Bircham Park
Arch Street
Block 13 + 14
Tarling Regeneration
Ascent, Singapore Science Park 1, Singapore
High-quality pedestrian experience characterises next generation business cluster
Ascent, Singapore Science Park 1

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