Derriford Transferium

Project Data

Wharfside Regeneration Ltd
Anticipated completion
Site area
1 ha
670 m2 retail and commercial space
780 m2 rooftop children's play area
890 m2 nursery
Parking facilities for 627 cars
Building costs
GBP 10,500,000

Project overview
This project combines six levels of car parking, retail, and commercial space, cafes and a nursery with terraced public spaces and a rooftop play area for children. The building is next to the entrance to Derriford Hospital and will provide meeting places and amenities for the hospital’s 11,000 staff and visitors.

This project represents the first phase of S333’s medium-density masterplan, part of a ten-year regeneration of the hospital and the surrounding neighbourhood. The building is designed to showcase the economic benefits and reduced energy consumption of an integrated approach to mixed use, multi-functional design.

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